WhatsApp Privacy Policy 2021 | Fake Rumors

Let’s talk about the WhatsApp Privacy Policy and some fake rumors. What actually WhatsApp is going to do? Over 2 Billion people are using this messenger. And I think its more than any other messenger applications in Google Play Store. Because this app is much more faster & easier. Easy to communicate with peoples. You can share whatever you want within seconds. And all stuff you have on your WhatsApp (Including Photos, Videos, Messages, Calls Including Video Calls) are end-to-end encrypted. That means third parties not even WhatsApp can read your data. So What Now?

WhatsApp New Privacy Policy 2021

We Will Discuss How WhatsApp Process Your Data? And What Date Will Be Share To Third Parties?

What Information You Need To Provide

1- Your name and phone number used to create account.

2- Contact Permission in order to communicate in better way with people. But if you don’t want to give permission they will not be allowed to see your contacts information.

3- Information about your use of services including message copies or contact info about you. (If Facing Any Queries)

4- Payment & Transaction Data if you’re doing on WhatsApp

Auto Information Collection

Now lets talk about the information that is collected automatically.

1- Usage Information

It includes how you using their services, Also include group name, picture & description, payments, profile picture, Your Portfolio About and Last Seen. How much your duration is on their App. All of this information used to find service related problems and performance.

2- Connection & Device Info

It includes:

  • Mobile Model
  • Operating System
  • Signal Strength
  • Browser Information
  • Battery Level
  • Mobile Network
  • Language
  • Time Zone
  • IP Address
  • Device Operation Information
  • Location Information (Only Used To Find Diagnostic Information). If you do not allow them to access your location they’ll still be able to get your location through your phone number.
  • Cookies (Only Used To Enhance Experience)

What Information Is Protected & Secured According to 2021 Privacy Policy?

1- Your Messages (Including Photos, Videos)

Your all kind of messages are secure with end-to-end encryption. No one can see or share. Not even WhatsApp. Your undelivered messages will be deleted after 30 days. If it delivers within 30 days it will be deleted automatically.

2- Calls (Audio, Video)

Your audio and video calls are also secure with end-to-end encryption.

3- Media Forwarding

Your media is also protected. Once you send forwarding media it will be store on their servers temporarily.

What Data Will Be Share By WhatsApp?

The data which i mentioned above in Auto Collect Information is being shared already. One of the most important thing is all of this data is not going to post on walls anywhere.

  • Phone Model
  • OS
  • Time Zone
  • Signal Strength
  • Status Updates
  • Group Details
  • Profile Picture
  • About Info
  • Battery Status
  • Location
  • WhatsApp Usage
  • Payments & Transaction History

This data will only be share in proper way to provide you with ads. Your Data not be sold to any third-party company not even Facebook. Only difference is now WhatsApp has told you that we will use this data for ads. Previously they haven’t announced that like this.

According To WhatsApp

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