PUBG Mobile Update 1.2 Launched [Video] Rewards and Special Powers

PUBG Mobile Update 1.2: PUBG Mobile has delivered another significant update for the game which depends on the Runic Power topic. The Erangel guide will highlight runes from a different universe that will “offer players with a unique force.”

The Runic Power update will be select to the Erangel map and will permit players to gather Runic parts to acquire power. There will be three unique sorts of runes including the Flame Rune, Wind Rune, and Arctic Rune, every one of which will give various forces to players.

Fire Rune will call a wheel of fire that will move forward and bargain harm to adversary players and furthermore add a consuming impact to your ammunition for expanded harm. Wind Rune will build reload and development speed and will permit you to bring a breeze based shield to obstruct harm.

At last, the Arctic Rune will allow you to make an ice divider that can lift players or vehicles and furthermore add a freezing impact to your ammunition that postpones recuperating on foe players.

Other than that, PUBG Corp has likewise added another attack rifle to the game and has affirmed the dispatch date for Season 17. As usual, the new season will carry a lot of new awards to gather including weapons, vehicles, skins, and an assortment of different makeup. You can look at the Season 17 Royale Pass grants in the video underneath.PUBG Mobile Update 1.2

Update 1.2 is 615 MB on Android and is 1.5GB on iOS. Remember that players on various variants of the game can’t collaborate with one another, so make a point to refresh your game at the earliest opportunity. Season 17 is starting on January 17 and more subtleties will be uncovered as the date moves close.

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