Pakistani Students Trending on Twitter: #online_exams_only #WeWantOnlineExams #SayNoToPhysicalExams

#online_exams_only : Every Pakistani Student appealing to Minister of Education to take online Exams to over this Semester peacefully.

It’s very difficult time for the Government to deal with everything in this Pandemic but , athey need to understand what every student is going through.

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Students Reviews & Conditions (#online_exams_only)

They took classes from the Remote area even in the urban area of Pakistan. The Shortage of Electricity and Poor internet connection.

A lot of student complaint about they haven’t taken the classes properly. Pakistan Government what are they upto?

Minister of Education Shah Mehmood Qureshi need to understand how far they are facing difficulties in this Pandemic.

Pakistan System (online_exams_only)

There is no proper System of anything which working in Pakistan. Poor Facilitation and unwanted policies are running in Pakistan.

By seeking off the every single situation of Pakistan Students are not prepared well to give an exams on Campus.

Conclusion (online_exams_only)

Minister of Education should see the every single situation which is not going to be problems for the students. Enlisted Following Policies should be Reviewed:

  1. Fees of Failing Subject in Private University.
  2. Internet Connectivity
  3. Remote Areas
  4. Education System comparison to other countries

Recently HEC Passed some rules for the studentsin some universities there is no Midterm exam they are taking Viva and Oral Test which are totally depends on the failure and passing of the student.

Which means students having no hold on his/her subject to get passing marks. It’s depends on the Teacher personal affection.


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